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Who’s Firing Whom?

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: ssstox97 | June 18, 2021

Most of the guests at our hotel are businessmen. The guys from this particular company have been staying at our hotel for a while, and I get along very well with a few of them.

One evening, probably around five, after my managers have left, three guys from that company come down and ask to buy beers and snacks. I sell the first two guys their beers and snacks no problem. I can’t remember exactly what the third guy says, but it makes me mad, and I can tell he is already drunk, so I refuse to sell him alcohol. In the state I live in, it’s illegal to sell alcohol to intoxicated people, so I use that as my excuse. He does not like this.

Guest: “You racist b****!”

Then he starts yelling at me.

Me: “Please go back to your room.”

But he isn’t leaving. Luckily, his two coworkers are still there and take him out of the lobby. He goes back to his room and it is over, or so I think.

I get a call from his manager, who I know, asking what happened. I guess one of his coworkers called and told him about the incident. I explain what happened.

Me: “[Guest] will not be allowed in the lobby if he’s going to be drunk and disrespectful.”

Manager: “I’m very sorry for his behavior. I’ll get him on a new assignment, and he’ll be leaving later this week. If anything else happens, call me.”

Me: “All right, sounds good to me.”

About thirty minutes later, the guest comes back down, yelling at me about how his manager called him and is making him leave. He then pulls out his phone and starts to record me on Facebook Live.

Guest: “This employee won’t sell me alcohol because she’s a racist b****!”

He then goes into the shop and, on video, steals beer from the cooler.

Guest: “I’m going to get you fired!”

And he starts screaming at me again. Unfortunately, his coworkers aren’t in the lobby, so all I can do is tell him to go back to his room, which he eventually does.

I look up the guests’ reservations and call the number on file for the manager I talked to earlier to tell him what happened. I get a voicemail for who I think is his other manager; I know him, as well. I leave a voicemail explaining what happened, and he calls me back almost immediately. I find out that he’s actually the manager of the company.

Owner: “I’m sorry. Since it’s late, I can’t get him a flight to leave tonight, but he has a flight out of here first thing in the morning.”

A few days went by, and I got a phone call, and it was from the Human Resources team of their company. I explained the situation and they apologized. I then got a call from their risk management team, and they apologized. The next time I was at work, all of the managers, owner, and employees came and apologized. The guy got fired, and every person in the company had to have harassment and sexual harassment class.

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