Who’s A Good Little Stand?

, , , | Right | October 17, 2018

(I work in a well-known pet store. We sell small plastic pools for dogs during the summer. A woman comes in and goes over to our display of plastic pools. They are sitting on top of black plastic stands that the price tag is fixed to.)

Customer: “Wow, these are only $10.99?”

Me: “Yep, and they are actually on sale if you are signed up for our membership program.”

Customer: *takes a stack of pools off one of the stands and puts them on the floor* “That’s great. This could really come in handy.”

Me: *realizing she isn’t talking about the pools, but the stand itself* “Oh, the stand is actually not for sale; it’s the pools that you just took off of it that are $10.99.”

Customer: “Oh… Well, where did you get the stands?”

Me: “I’m… not really sure. A home improvement store maybe?”

Customer: *instantly disappointed* “Oh, okay.”

(She left without buying anything and I haven’t seen her since.)

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