, , , | Working | September 4, 2020

One time at work, I decide to have a cheap, late-afternoon snack: a cup of ramen noodles. As I’m putting the water in and microwaving it, two other guys I’ve never seen before come into the kitchen. This is not uncommon; it is a large company.

Guy #1: “Oh, man, ramen noodles!”

I’m not in the mood for small talk, so I nod with a polite smile and don’t make eye contact.

Guy #2: “I used to eat those so much! Nice and cheap.”

I’m feeling kind of awkward and just want to quietly make my snack in peace.

Guy #1: “Man, I’ve not had ramen noodles since college! They were so good!”

Realizing I’m being a bit rude, I decide to engage.

Me: “Yeah, I had them so much in college I got tired of them, but I’m okay with them again.”

It is at this point that I notice their body positioning: facing each other, not me. They both briefly glance over at me, a little annoyed because I have just tried to butt into the middle of their conversation.

Disregarding my presence, [Guy #2] turns back to [Guy #1].

Guy #2: “I may pick up some tonight just to try some out again.”

I got my food and went back to my desk.

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