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Who The H*** Raised You?!

, , , , | Friendly | December 4, 2020

Back in my university days, I have three extremely immature housemates. The worst part about living with them is them constantly throwing tantrums, or worse, breaking things. For example, one day, I come home to find them randomly punching holes in a bedroom door because “it’s funny!” We are clearly on our landlord’s bad list and there is little chance of getting any deposit back.

One morning, I come downstairs to the living room and see a huge greasy stain on the wall. Instantly, I’m confused as to why the h*** that is there. One of my housemates is there watching TV, so I decide to ask.

Me: “Err… why is there a huge stain on the wall?”

Housemate: “Oh, yeah, I bought a burger last night and I didn’t like it, so I threw it at the wall!”

Sadly, I’m not shocked by this, as they are literally so immature that this has become normal behaviour.

Me: “Why didn’t you just throw it in the bin?”

Housemate: “Because I didn’t like it!”

Me: “Really? That’s your excuse? The bin is literally two metres away. You couldn’t have thrown it away like a normal person?”

Housemate: “I DIDN’T LIKE IT!”

At this point, I gave up having any kind of rational discussion with him and just walked away. Thankfully, I’m not in contact with a single one of them anymore. Also, no, we didn’t get our deposit back!