Who Says Online Friends Aren’t Real Friends?

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My husband and I play a number of online games with a clan of people, most of whom are based in various parts of the UK. I honestly don’t remember how we met, but we’ve been friends for a few years now. And they are AMAZING.

A new expansion released today for a game we play together, and my hubby’s birthday is tomorrow. 

Friend: “Is [Husband] going to get the new expansion for his birthday?”

Me: “I don’t think so. Unfortunately, we’ve been having some hour cutbacks at work and whatnot, so there’s really no way we’re going to be able to shell out the forty bucks.”

Cue the clan.

Our lovely leader decides to organize a little fundraiser and gets most of the group signed up; it’s only a few dollars from each of them, but it’s enough to cover the cost. The only problem is that most of them won’t be able to contribute until next week. No problem; he isn’t expecting it, so it’ll be a surprise either way.

And then, this afternoon, our Irish friend steps up. She decides to cover the cost — not just of the $40 base expansion, but the $70 deluxe version — with the caveat that people just send her whatever they were going to contribute in the first place. This FLOORS all of us.

Half an hour later, I have the money, I have logged onto hubby’s account via computer, and he has the expansion.

He doesn’t find out until he logs onto the game — at our glorious leader’s insistence — about an hour later.

My rather stoic former-Marine hubby almost CRIED, y’all. On voice chat. With every clan member available at the time.

Good friends, people. Treasure them like the gold they are.

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