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Who Invited Rebecca Black?

| Friendly | January 10, 2016

(I’m throwing a party on Sunday, and want to confirm that my friend is showing up, but as I type the question I have a brain fart:)

Me: “So are you coming on Friday?

Friend: “What’s on Friday? You mean Saturday?”

Me: “No. Sunday.”

Friend: “Oook, so what is up on Friday?”

Me: “Don’t change the subject!”

Friend: “You asked about Friday.”

Me: “Forget about Friday!”

Friend: “First time I’m hearing it.”

Me: “Sunday. I meant Sunday.”

Friend: “Sunday, yes, I’m coming. Friday? Oh! Soooo… special guests are invited on Friday, and us… mortals on Sunday, so that we don’t stay too late: ‘Hurry up… It is work tomorrow!’”