Who Inspects The Inspectors?

, , , | Working | October 25, 2019

(I work in a small diner that is in a trailer. Because it is so old, the bathroom is located in a smaller building outside, and our water heater is located behind a false wall during a remodel. It should also be noted that I am pregnant and my only coworker that day is unable to lift anything substantial due to a recent surgery. My boss and owner do not work on Wednesdays. It is a Wednesday afternoon before we close at two. A gentleman comes in wearing a shirt that marks him as an inspector for a company that handles kitchen fire safety systems.)

Inspector: “I called your boss to let him know I was coming today, so once you guys close up shop we can get started.”

Me: “You talked to [Boss #1] or [Boss #2]?”

(A married couple run and own the diner, but truth be told, the wife runs everything; the husband does remodeling and maintenance.)

Inspector: “[Boss #2]. He said it was okay to do the inspection. You two can move the wall so that I can hop back there.”

Me: “You do realize we have a refrigerator in front of a false wall, right?”

Inspector: “Yeah, I’ve been here before. I talked to him two weeks ago and said I would be by here on Friday to do it, but I was over here now, so I dropped in.”

Me: “Um, well, could you come back when we have the appointment? [Coworker] and I can’t physically move any of that.”

Inspector: “Look. I came to do the job I was scheduled to do, which [Boss #2] called me to do. I need to get back there and look this over. I already talked to him.”

Me: “I’ll call [Boss #1] and see what can be done.”

(I call [Boss #1], the wife, and she tells me they did make an appointment so [Boss #2] can be there to move everything, but he shouldn’t be here today. She tells me that he should come back on Friday and to offer him a free lunch.)

Me: “So, [Boss #1] said that we couldn’t move anything without [Boss #2], but she did say to offer you a free lunch. I’m sorry I didn’t know anything about this, but we really can’t help you move anything.”

(His eye is twitching and his face is red. While I look young, maybe 15 or 16, I am 21 and married, but he decides to be rude.)

Inspector: “Okay, girly, you need to listen, because I am not going to repeat myself. I am here today, and I am inspecting the system today. You and your little coworker there need to move everything because I am not allowed to by company rules.”

Me: “I am not, and I will not move anything. As you can see, I am pregnant. I cannot move a refrigerator and a wall. My coworker is recovering from surgery and cannot lift that much. We have an appointment on Friday, so I am not sure why you are so insistent about doing this today.”

Inspector: “I have never met a teenage slut with such an attitude! I don’t have to deal with this!”

(Later, he called [Boss #2] to complain. He said I was rude and refused to help. When he came back Friday, he was as sweet as sugar. It seems a customer who had been silently eating called his company and complained!)

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