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Who Even Says Something Like That?

, , , , | Related Romantic | June 25, 2022

The guy that I’ve gone on a few dates with introduces me to his parents. Things go well, or so I think.

He drives me home, and we end up talking and drinking a few beers. I don’t want him on the road with any alcohol in his system, and I enjoy his company, so we end up hanging out until 3:00 am.

His mom starts blowing up his phone, demanding that he comes home, so he drives himself home to find that he’s been locked out of his house.

Mom: “You can sleep outside! You shouldn’t be spending time with someone like that.”

I still don’t know what she meant by that.

Mom: “She’s just another stop on the p***y train!”

Guy: “Don’t talk about her like that!”

Mom: “When you’re under my roof, I’ll say whatever I want about whoever I want!”

So, he picked up his phone, called me, and asked if he could stay at my place for a little while.

It’s been seven years. We’re engaged, and we have a dog, a cat, and a happy life.

I also plan on throwing some subtle train themes into the wedding/celebration.

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