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Who Dee Thought It?

| Learning | February 4, 2015

(I’m in journalism class, working on the school newspaper with the rest of my classmates. Our teacher has been looking over our articles. Suddenly she gets our attention.)

Teacher: “This poll about the school trends – what is a ‘who-dee?’ Is that some kind of dirty word?”

Classmate: “No, it’s a ‘hoodie,’ and it just means hooded sweatshirts. Everyone’s wearing them lately.”

Teacher: “Well, I asked my daughter what it meant and she didn’t know.”

(I know she trusts me, so I decided to speak up.)

Me: “They’re right; it’s just a sweatshirt, like the ones they sell with our team logo on it.”

Teacher: “Well… I’ll let it go to print, but I better not find out it means anything dirty.”

(I could only assume her college student daughter had ‘never heard of it’ because she kept pronouncing it ‘who-dee.’)

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