Who Are You Kidding?

, | Friendly | April 26, 2015

(I’m hanging out with my boyfriend and his roommate in their dorm room. My boyfriend is browsing Facebook and finds one of those ‘what is your Time Lord name?’ type pictures, saying an object to your left is your sonic tool, the profession of one of your parents is your title, and the last text message you sent is your catch phrase.)

Boyfriend: “I have a sonic pencil, my title is teacher, and my catchphrase is ‘Thank You.'”

Roommate: *picks up a plastic lightsaber* “I have a sonic lightsaber, my title is preacher, and my catch phrase is ‘Figured. Can I join in?'”

Boyfriend: “F***!” *they burst into laughter* “Hey, [My Name], what’s yours?”

Me: “”I have a sonic clipboard, my title is ‘guard,’ and my catch phrase is… ‘Hey, I’m here. Same door as usual.'”

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