Whistle While You Should Work

, | Learning | June 11, 2015

(I’m playing first chair, second violin in my sophomore year of high school. During one rehearsal, the conductor is auditioning people for the violin solo in a Tchaikovsky serenade. She has us play over and over while some students play the 2-minute solo.)

Conductor: “Okay, start from three measures before the entrance and I’ll cut you off…”

(She doesn’t call on the next interested soloist, so no one comes in at that point. On a whim, I whistle the whole thing while playing my own part. Two minutes later…)

Conductor: “That was lovely, but who missed their cue for the solo?”

Me: “You forgot to ask anyone to play it last time.”

Conductor: *turning to first violinists* “Okay, [Name] is next. If you don’t do better, I’m giving the solo to our whistler over here.”

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