Whistle While They Telework

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(I am visiting my grandparents when they get a call from a random number.)

Grandpa: “Hey, [Grandma], it’s a telemarketer! Watch this, Squirt.”

Grandma: “Hello?” *pause* “No, thank you. I’m not interested. Could you please take me off your calling list?” *pause* “I said I’m not interested. Don’t make me repeat myself again. Take me off your list.”

(The person on the other side of the phone says something else. My grandmother calmly pulls a whistle out of her purse, puts it to her lips, and blows it as hard and loud as she can into the phone. She’s across the room from me and I have to cover my ears. She holds it for a solid fifteen seconds before she runs out of breath. I can hear the person on the other end start to yell something, but before they can form a sentence she gets her breath back and goes in for a second round. This time the caller hangs up within a few seconds and my grandmother gives a satisfied nod.)

Me: “I can’t believe you just did that! Your daughter used to be a telemarketer. Wouldn’t you feel awful if someone did that to her?”

Grandmother: “Where do you think we got the idea from? She said someone did that to her once and she had them marked down as ‘do not call’ right away so she would never have to call them again!”

(I don’t know whether their method works or not, but it’s become one of their favorite pastimes.)

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