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Whiplash Comeback

| Working | January 23, 2014

(I have recently been in a car accident, which resulted in a minor case of whiplash. My doctor sends me to a physical therapist. The physical therapist and I are close in age and quickly discover that we have very similar senses of humor. At this particular session, he is working with me and one older lady recovering from knee surgery.)

Physical Therapist: “Okay, [My Name]. Let’s work on some of those tender spots.”

Me: “Ow!”

Physical Therapist: “And we’ll start with that one.” *starts stretching my neck out*

Other Lady: “It looks like he’s pulling your head off from this angle.”

Physical Therapist: “I would never do that. Although I could probably break someone’s neck by hitting them at just the right point…”

Me: “Ladies and gentlemen, things you don’t want to hear your physical therapist say when he’s working on your neck!”

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