Whip Them Into Shape

| Working | September 11, 2015

(I’m at the tiny Chain coffee shop on campus, which employs students. Many of them are new to both working in general and food service in specific. Due to my dietary restrictions and general weird taste preferences, I tend to order what I think of as ‘expert level’ drinks.)

Cashier: “What can I get for you today?”

Me: “A large green tea [iced drink] with soy and raspberry syrup.”

Cashier: “No whip?”

Me: “No whip.”

(I pay, and wait a couple minutes for my drink. I see the barista overfill the top of a large drink with whipped cream, and the cashier swoop in and make him remake it. Meanwhile, there are more and more students filling up the area waiting for their orders.)

Barista: “Green tea with raspberry!”

(I grab the drink, pop the straw in, and take a sip.)

Me: “Wait, this has coffee in it.”

Barista: “Yeah, you ordered a [iced drink].”

Cashier: *sigh* “I told you, there’s coffee-based and then there’s cream-based.” *to me* “I’ll remake your drink.”

Me: “Sorry, yeah, this one’s kinda ugh.”

(This happens at least once at the start of each semester. I wonder if anyone’s ever quit because of me.)

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