Whine Won’t Move The Line

| Working | June 28, 2013

(I’m a customer standing in line at the checkout. There are five people in front of me. Each of them has a full cart, but they seem to be in a group together. When the last item from the first cart is placed on the belt, the first customer starts pulling stuff from the second cart.)

Cashier: “Hey, that’s not your stuff. It’s hers.”

Customer #2: “We’re together.” *points to the three people behind* “The three of them too. Ring us all up as the same order.”

Cashier: “This will take forever and you’re holding up the line!”

Customer #5: “Shouldn’t five customers paying together be faster than five separate ones? We will pay with one credit card, rather than individual credit cards or individual cash counting.”

Cashier: “You’re making this difficult for me.”

Customer #3: “Could you please start ringing the groceries instead of talking?”

Cashier: “Why do you people buy so much stuff? And look… you have like over 10 packages of fresh chicken right here. How do five people even eat so much?”

Customer #1: “We’re having a large family reunion with 50 some people.”

Cashier: “You’re buying too much stuff and this is taking forever!”

Me: “Hey, it’s taking forever because you’re not scanning items! Just scan them and get it over with.”

Cashier: *glares at me* “You’re not the one that has to work. You’ll know if you got my job.”

Customer #2: “Alright. No one’s gonna argue. Just please scan the items as one large order, okay. Then we’ll all be out of your hair.”

(The cashier shuts up but proceeds to scan rather slowly and taking her time anyway. I went to another line.)

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