Which Who Is For You?

| Friendly | December 21, 2016

(While at a family Christmas function at a nursing home, a couple of girls around my age (mid-twenties) notice my ‘Dr. Who’ backpack and we strike up a conversation.)

Me: “So who’s your favorite doctor?”

Girl #1: “I think… the second one?”

Girl #2: “Yeah… the good looking one.”

(They had briefly mentioned they were new to the series, so I was hesitant to ask them this question.)

Me: “Do you mean… David Tennant?”

Girl #1: “Yeah, that’s the one.”

Me: “He’s a good one; one of my personal favorites as well.”

(I wasn’t sure how to break it to them that Tennant wasn’t the second doctor. But I figured if they watched the show long enough they’d figure it out on their own.)

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