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Where’s Wallet?

, , , | Hopeless | June 14, 2016

(While my parents are out playing soccer in a local park, somebody breaks into a number of cars in the nearby lot, including our van. Even though my parents take care to conceal their belongings, they come back to find that the window has been smashed in and everything is gone. A few days later, a woman we’ve never met knocks on our front door late in the evening.)

Mom: “Yes, can I help you?”

Woman: “Hi, are you [Mom]?”

Mom: “Yes, that’s me.”

Woman: *holds up plastic trash bag* “I think I found something that belongs to you.”

Mom: “I’m sorry?”

Woman: *opens up bag to reveal my mom’s purse and my dad’s wallet* “I found these and thought I’d return them. There’s no cash, but your I.D. and at least some of your credit cards are in there.”

Mom: “Oh, my god! Thank you so much! How did you find them?”

Woman: “Oh, I was out shopping last night and when I came back, I noticed this—” *gestures with the bag* “—in the back of my pickup truck. I didn’t recognize it, but people do toss trash in there sometimes, so I went to throw it away. Good thing I thought to look inside, huh?” *laughs* “Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got them back to you.”

(Though my parents had already gone to the trouble of cancelling the credit cards, the woman’s kindness meant no trip to the DMV, and reminded us that sometimes people can surprise you in a good way.)

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