Where You Could Never Lose Is Where No One Would Think To Look

, , , , | Working | January 25, 2019

(In our office, a third party does our lunch and catering. One of their employees asks for a key to the bicycle shed so he can park his bike safely. He receives one after lunch on a Friday. After cleaning up, he comes to me, the receptionist.)

Employee: “Did anyone hand in a key? I received a key, and I put it somewhere where I couldn’t lose it.”

Me: “And now you lost it. Yeah, I’ve totally had that happen to me. Sorry, no key handed in, but I will put it down on our ‘lost and found’ list, in case it shows up.”

(Nothing gets handed in. Monday morning, the employee returns and not much later, he comes to me.)

Employee: “Eh… I just found the key.”

Me: “Oh? Where did you put it?”

Employee: “The freezer.”

(He had no idea what he was thinking, but at least the key was crisp and fresh when he found it!)

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