Where There’s Smoke, There’s Precharges

, , , | Working | March 27, 2020

(My hotel chain has an employee discount program that gives a big discount to their employees around the world. Unfortunately, a lot of people have misused it. Strict regulations were placed, and then lifted when misusers complained. A guy comes up to check in. I see that he has the employee discount and go through the check-in process like normal. He goes away. Later, my manager brings me into her office.)

Manager: “Did you check in [Guy]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Manager: “Well, he smoked in the room! I had to charge him $200.”

Me: “Okay?”

Manager: “His credit card declined! You must make sure that it goes through; that is your duty!”

Me: “It did go through. But the authorization only takes $50 extra.”

Manager: *obviously disbelieves me* “Well, next time make sure! This is your fault!”

Me: “Okay, next time I’ll use my psychic powers.” *eyeroll*

(Since the guy was an employee, he knew that he wasn’t supposed to smoke since all of our hotels have a strict non-smoking policy. The manager ended up contacting his hotel and he was promptly fired for disobeying the rules. Turned out he was a supervisor there! My manager also punished me by making me rewatch training videos. Plus, later the guy came in and blamed me, too, for making him lose his job. WTF?!)

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