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Where In The World Has My Credit Card Been?

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I am the author of this story and, yeah, it’s the same credit card company. Back in the days when online purchases are a thing but not common, my husband is going over the monthly credit card statement — one account in his name, but we each have a card. He discovers a several-hundred-dollar charge for what appears to be a hotel in China. There are also a couple of smaller charges in the same location.

My husband calls the credit card company.

Husband: “We haven’t even been to China. There’s no way we made these charges.”

Representative #1: “We’ll look into them and get back to you.”

Time passes and they still haven’t removed the charges. We call back.

Representative #2: “We’ve researched it and determined the charges were legitimate.”

Me: “What? But look at the rest of the statement. See, we got gas in [Home City], California the same day.”

Representative #2: “The signature matches what’s on file.”

Me: “Can you send us a copy of that?”

A few days later, we get a photocopy of the credit card slip. Let’s say my husband’s name is Luke Skywalker. The signature is SKYWALKER LUKE, all caps, in block printing. We try again.

Representative #3: “Wait, are you still using the same card? Why didn’t they cancel it and send you a new one immediately?”

Husband: “I don’t know.”

Representative #3: “These charges are obviously fraudulent. I’m removing them now. I’m also canceling your card. You should get new ones in a couple of days.”

The representative was true to his word and none of this cost us a penny. But, in writing this up, it’s only just occurred to me that the reason we never had any more fraudulent charges from China aside from that first month is that even the scammers assumed the credit card company wouldn’t be foolish enough to fail to cancel the card — and now we won’t be, either.

Where In The World Is My Credit Card?

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