When You’ve Been Air Conditioned To Respond With Sass

, , , , , , , | Right | February 28, 2020

I’m working my first restaurant job. It’s the middle of summer in Orlando, Florida: 90°F, 80% humidity. No wind, no rain, just heat. The A/C has broken in the whole restaurant and the vents in the kitchen really aren’t doing much besides sucking up the smoke. Some customers mention it but brush it off as no big deal. Others have significantly less useful comments.

Rude Customer:
*Angry* “It’s hot in here! Is the A/C broken?!”

*Still polite* “Yes. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to fix it.”

The rude customer gestures to the dining room.

Rude Customer:
“Well, you should! It’s too hot out here!”

I decide to respond in my most cheery customer service voice while pointing to steaming grills, fryers, and toasters.

“Oh, I know! Imagine what it’s like back here!”

The customer has a look that’s somehow a cross between sheepish and angry.

Rude Customer:
“Uh… I’ll have the [burger].”

“Good choice.”

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