When You’re Seriously Sick Of Graphs

| Learning | December 8, 2015

(I am a student in a high school algebra class. This exchange happens between our teacher and another student.)

Teacher: “So, when you have a function that is raised to the second power, it is called a quadratic. Its graph will be in the shape of a U. We call that graph a parabola.”

Student #1: *raises hand* “Wait, is that the thing that’s been in the news?”

Teacher: *pause*

Student #2: “No, that’s Ebola!”

Student #1: “Oh, so, is it the same thing?”

Teacher: “No. One is a type of graph and the other is a disease.”

Student #1: “I thought that since they both end in ‘bola’ they must be the same thing.”

Teacher: *longer pause*

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