When You’re Off The Clock You’re Off The Hook

, , , | Right | January 3, 2020

(I work at a fairly popular retail store in the mall, known for being a hotspot of gothic clothing and alternative styles. It’s Saturday, and I usually arrive an hour early before my shift. About five minutes before my shift begins, I go out to look at the store to make note of any changes. We are super busy and my coworker, working on register, thinks I’m on the clock and asks me to find another coworker of ours to help her out. I just stand in place and call for my coworker since I technically can’t go get her. There’s an older woman at the register, muttering under her breath and generally looking irate. She then looks at me.) 

Older Woman: “This is ridiculous. Are you kidding me? Like are you serious?” 

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we are just very busy today.” 

Older Woman: *sneers* “You’re not busy! You’re just standing there like a lazy idiot instead of working!” 

(Feeling a burst of annoyance from her rude remark, I snap back.) 

Me: “Well, I’m not on the clock yet, so don’t get b****y with me!”

(She got a bit red in the face but didn’t say anything else until she paid for her items and left. I then promptly clocked in and got to work feeling fantastic. Normally, I would have calmly explained, but with the “lazy idiot” remark, I wasn’t going to let that go.)

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