When You’re Drunk Enough To Smell The Chips Through The Packaging

, , , , | Right | February 20, 2020

(I work in a state where my employer, due to stricter liquor laws, does not sell alcoholic products in their stores in my state. I am ringing at the tills, and we have a slow period. During this time, a customer approaches my till.)

Customer: “Whhereh is your alchkoholll?!”

Me: “Alcohol?”

Customer: “Yeshhh… Beeeerr?!”

(Noticing that he is from Florida, where they sell liquor in this chain of stores, I answer:)

Me: “I’m sorry. But we don’t sell alcohol here, in this state.”

Customer: “Oh…” *sad, crestfallen puppy face*

(He wandered away, weaving a bit through lines of tills, and I decided to keep an eye on him, since I was the only male cashier up front. Finally, he spotted a bag of plain old potato crisps. Eyes darting from his head, he rushed over to the display. Picking up the bag lovingly, he held it gently to his nose and inhaled. Putting the bag down, he now wore an enraptured look of sheer joy and ecstasy as he walked the whole way out of the store.)

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