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When Your Sister Has To Be Your Mother

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I am staying at a hotel with my husband. There are a couple of kids running around, and their mother is gossiping away on her cell phone and letting them get away with murder. As I’m walking out of the breakfast area with a hot coffee, suddenly I feel something hit the back of my legs, hard. I stumble and hot coffee slops over my hands, and then I hear a scream.

Mother: “You b****! You hurt my baby!”

She slaps the coffee out of my hand and starts screaming in my face incoherently. I’m confused and offended, but then another woman comes to my rescue.

The other woman spins the mother around.

Other Woman: “[Mother]! Mom raised you better than that! I wish I’d said something sooner. I’m sorry, ma’am, I’ll buy you another coffee. [Mother], call your kids over right now! They’re being menaces!”

The mother blushed and called her kids over.

The second woman did buy me another coffee and alerted an employee to the spill. I could hear her raving at her sister all the way down the hall.