When Your Phone Is Emotional

, | Friendly | January 18, 2016

(I’m sitting at work when I suddenly get an IM from a normally serious professional friend. It’s a frowny face emoji. Confused, I IM him back.)

Me: “Uh, hi?”

Friend: *slow string of random animated emoji over several minutes*

Me: “Uh… [Friend], are you pocket… IMing me?”

Friend: *IMs me a map location of [Friend #2]’s office and 12 more assorted emoji*

Me: *I call [Friend #2]* “Uh, is [Friend] there? He just sent me 20 minutes of happy animated emoji and a map to your office.”

Friend #2: “…What he means to say is send us pizza or the phone gets it!”

(Half an hour later.)

Friend: “Oh, I forgot to lock my phone while I was at lunch with [Friend #2], and I think I accidentally sent you some messages…”

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