When Your “Opinion” Is Simple Geographic Fact

, , , | Right | February 28, 2021

This conversation happens between the assistant manager of my store and an elderly female customer.

Old Lady: “Excuse me, where’s your [Rival Store’s organic produce] section?”

Manager: “We don’t have a [Rival Store’s organic produce] section, ma’am.”

Old Lady: “You mean you got rid of it?!”

Manager: “No, I mean we never had one in the first place. That’s only at [Rival Store].”

Old Lady: “But this is [Rival Store].”

Manager: “No, this is [My Store].”

Old Lady: “What’s [My Store]?”

Manager: “That’s the store we’re in right now.”

Old Lady: “When did that happen? This was a [Rival Store] last year!”

Manager: “No, this store opened nine years ago.”

Old Lady: “I distinctly remember I was here last year, and this was a [Rival Store]!”

Manager: “I’m afraid you’re mistaken.”

Old Lady: “No! I remember it clear as crystal! The [Rival Store] on [Street I’ve never heard of] next to the [Chain Restaurant that went out of business thirty years ago]!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, you’re confusing us with another location.”

Old Lady: “Well, that’s your opinion. Where’s your [Rival Store’s organic produce] section?”

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