When Your Ex Does A Real Job On You

| Romantic | December 27, 2013

(Several years ago I started seeing a guy I met online. We only dated a couple months, but had been talking about working together right before our breakup. We went ahead with that, to great success. Years later, we’re in our company’s office, talking with a colleague. He’s also a friend of my ex’s/business partner’s, and has just gone through a breakup himself.)

Friend: “So, yeah. I think I’m ready to start dating again.”

My Ex: “Really? Good for you.”

Friend: “Yeah. I’m even considering doing the online dating thing, but I don’t know how well it’d work. Have either you guys ever done that?”

My Ex & Me: “Uh… yeah.”

Friend: “Really? You did? How well did it work?”

Me: *gesturing to my ex* “Well, it’s how I met this guy. So, I can’t say it worked for dating but it was a great job hunting tool!”

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