When Your Education Is A Drain

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(I’m a pre-med biology student, home visiting my parents. There’s one bathroom at the top of the house that only I use, so any problems with it tend not to get handled until I come visit.)

Me: “Oh, by the way, do we have any drain cleaner? The sink in the upstairs bathroom is draining really slowly.”

Dad: “I’ll check. If not, I can pick some up when I run errands later.”

(He’s finishing his coffee as he speaks, and immediately leaves to go check.)

Mom: “I don’t know, sweetie. Those drain cleaners are pretty nasty, and ridiculously carcinogenic. Maybe you should let your dad do it.”

Me: “Um, Mom? You remember I’m a research student in a cell biology lab, right?”

Mom: “Yes. What’s your point?”

Me: “I’m literally ripping apart DNA and proteins, using chemicals dangerous enough that they have to be handled in a fume hood and you have to wear gloves and a respirator just to get the bottle out of the stock room.”

Mom: “Yes, but…”

Me: “Plus, I just got that internship at the hospital. The one with the oncology lab, that required three days of training about cross-contamination and safe chemical handling?”

Mom: *calling to my dad* “You know, dear, maybe we should let [My Name] handle it!”

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