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When You Threaten To Leave We Hope It’s A Promise

, , | Right | September 3, 2018

(My company sells stone wholesale/by the full pallet mainly to other businesses, and we occasionally get complaints about this policy from regular individuals. A couple of well-dressed guys in a nice pickup pull up.)

Customers: “Yeah, we need some rock, and we’ll take half of this pallet.” *points*

Manager: “I’m sorry, but we’re wholesale and only sell by the full pallet. You’re welcome to buy a full pallet or I would be happy to direct you to some nurseries that sell in smaller quantities.”

Customers: “Are you kidding me?! All we need is half a pallet! If you won’t help us we’re leaving!” *start to walk back to truck*

Manager: “Okay, sorry we can’t help you. You guys have a nice day.”

Customers: *pause and turn back* “Are you really just going to let us leave?!”

Manager: “Well, yes, sir. I can’t sell you want you want.”

Customers: *somewhat sheepishly* “Oh. Threatening to leave usually works. Um, we’ll come back here for a project where we need a full pallet. Bye.”

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