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When You Meet A Wheely Bad Person

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Our supermarket has a regular who got into an accident and now requires the use of a wheelchair. After a few months of therapy, he’s back in our store with his new wheelchair, and he’s showing us all the effort he’s made to become independent. I am checking out his items while chatting. My lane is designed to be more helpful to wheelchair users, with an inclined conveyor belt.

Regular: “Yeah, it was pretty dark for a while, but now I realise I can get around just as much as I did before. Plus, it really builds up some great upper body strength!”

Me: “Yes, I can see that! You zoomed around the store like it was a race!”

As we’re chatting, he passes me a canned item and he accidentally drops it. I offer to go around to pick it up but the regular puts up his hand.

Regular: “Nope, I can get it. Just takes a quick moment.”

As the regular manoeuvres himself a little to pick up the can, the customer behind him tuts intentionally loudly.

Customer: “Just get it for him. He’s just trying to show off, but all he’s doing is wasting my time!”

Me: “Sir, there’s no need for that!”

The regular is able to pick up the can quite quickly and is now turning the wheelchair back around.

Customer: “Ugh. I knew I made a mistake getting into a lane for the crippleds and specials.”

Me: *Loudly* “So, you’re saying that his disability is not as important as your convenience?”

Customer: “Hey! Don’t make me sound like an ar**hole!”

Me: “I’m certainly not doing that, sir!”

I checked that b*****d’s items out super slowly on purpose.

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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