When You Just Got Hit By A Bus

, , , , | Right | June 29, 2020

I work in a very busy bakery and donut shop in a very busy tourist town. We can get anywhere from one to three big tour buses at a time. Most of them come before 5:00 pm when the last of the staggered day shift is gone, and we have enough people to deal with them.

A single bus of sixty-eight people pulls up at 7:50 pm on a Sunday night, and of course, they all want meals, drinks, and desserts. Our baker, who is about to leave in ten minutes, thankfully says she will stay and bake more of the buns and such required.

Several of the tourists who can speak English/French — sadly few of them — start to complain about the wait times for the buns and food, since after the first few passengers we have to make fresh.

I am frantically trying to get drinks and food made, and the supervisor is also working the front counter with me. The bus driver approaches me, speaking in heavily-accented English.

Bus Driver: “You happy for my bus, yes?!”

Throwing my better judgment to the wind, since he is stalling me on filling one of the food orders, I respond with a half-under-my-breath mutter.

Me: “No! Not really…”

Bus Driver: “Why? It is good!”

Me: “It would have been really nice if you had called ahead. The [Tourist Attraction] is not even five minutes up the road…”

Bus Driver: “Why call? You should be ready!” 

Me: “Excuse me, please. I need to finish getting their food.”

Bus Driver: “No, you get me free meal now!”

Me: “Just a moment, please. I need to finish this order.”

Bus Driver: “No! My food now!”

I turned to my supervisor on the other till and she took over dealing with him. In other words, he wanted me to ignore my current customer, grab his food, and be appreciative of him dropping almost seventy people on us. I did get in some trouble for my first comment to the bus driver, but she understood why I ended up being honest with him.

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