When You Hate Group Conferences

| Working | January 16, 2016

(I am an engineer. Some of my colleagues from Germany are working on a project that unfortunately shares an acronym with a certain American hate group. They are visiting the states to attend a conference for said project and needed to stop and ask a local cop for directions.)

German Colleague: “We’re a bit lost; can you give us the directions to [Hotel]?”

Policeman: “Oh, sure! You’re pretty close, it’s [gives directions]. What brings y’all to the states, by the way?”

German Colleague: *not realizing this answer is a bit questionable* “Oh, we’re going to a KKK meeting!”

Policeman: “…Oh. All right, you gentlemen have a good night.”

(They made it to the hotel and the police showed up not long after that, to investigate the alleged Klan meeting! When it was revealed to be a big misunderstanding everyone involved laughed hysterically. This happened several years ago and we laugh about it to this day.)

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