When You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

, , , , | Friendly | July 14, 2020

My friend sends out a group text to several people, me included.

Friend #1: “Hey! Hike Saturday? Maybe we can camp overnight.”

Friend #2: “I’m in!”

Friend #3: “Depends where we go. I have to work Sunday so I can’t stay overnight.”

Me: “Same, I can’t stay, but I can go out and come back with [Friend #3].”

Friend #1: “Where do you want to go?”

[Friend #2] sends a link with several local hiking trails.

Friend #2: “We could do any of these.”

Friend #1: “Okay.”

Nothing is said for several hours.

Friend #3: “So, what’s the plan?

Friend #1: “[Friend #2] sent a map.”

Me: “Which trail?”

Friend #2: “Doesn’t matter to me.”

Me: “Since [Friend #1] wants to hike, he can pick.”

Friend #1: “Okay.”

A full day goes by with nothing said. It’s now Friday night and I’m getting annoyed at the lack of planning.

Me: “Where are we going tomorrow?”

Friend #1: “I don’t care.”

Friend #2: “You were supposed to pick a trail.”

Friend #1: “Why? We’re all going.”

Friend #3: “Because it’s your idea!”

Friend #1: “Okay!”

Nothing more was ever said about going out, so we didn’t get to go hiking. I don’t understand why you would try to plan an outing and then not plan anything at all!

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