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When You Don’t Suffer Fools, You Attack Them

, , , | Right | March 18, 2020

(I work in a museum, and one of my colleagues told me this story. He’s known for being a kindly man with an impeccable work ethic. He is, however, not known to suffer fools gladly. A woman is about to change her baby’s nappy — diaper — right in the middle of an exhibition area, on the floor.)

Colleague: “Excuse me, madam, we have a baby care room nearby. Let me show you where it is.”

(The woman stares crossly but lets my colleague guide her to the baby care room without saying a single word. After a while, she exits the facilities with the dirty nappy in her hand. She dumps it in a dustbin in the exhibition space. The whole room starts to reek instantly. She hurries away.)

Colleague: *calling after her* “What kind of pigsty did you escape from, madam?!”

(On another occasion, a visitor is trying to figure out how our BCI — brain computer interface, a technology that allows you to control software with your brain waves — exhibit works without our assistance, which he clearly needs because he has no clue what he’s doing. He shoves the two large signs that block the access to the computer aside. The signs inform our visitors that they have to book an appointment if they want to try the BCI because the whole process is lengthy and not all employees know how to operate it. He puts on one of the BCI caps and is rummaging around, trying to find the rest of the equipment. The caps look like bathing caps with lots of colourful plastic bits on them and look kind of funny. My colleague approaches him.)

Colleague: “Well, somebody clearly didn’t read the signs.” *points toward the signs, laughing*

Visitor: *gets startled, scurries away with cap and all, looking hilarious*

Colleague: “Hey! Punch! Get back here with that cap!” *still laughing*

Visitor: *returns with the cap, fuming* “Did you just call me ‘Punch’? This is outrageous! I will not be treated in this disrespectful way!” *throws the cap at my colleague*

Colleague: “Then don’t make a joke of yourself, sir.”

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