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When You Don’t Know What To Do, Just Do What You Can

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My father recently lost someone he cared about. He learns about their passing while we are out having lunch, and he is devastated. We try our best to get him to feel better and he seems happy with us trying to help, but it doesn’t work, and I honestly can’t blame him for that.

Something does make him feel better, though, along with the rest of us.

Employee: “Hey, guys, how are y’all doing today?”

Us: “Good, how about you?”

Employee: “Doing good. I just stopped by to let you know that the family over at the other table paid for your entire lunch, plus the tip.”

We are all pretty touched, and my father seems to be holding back tears.

Dad: “Thank you; thank you!”

We exchange some more pleasantries and leave the restaurant in higher spirits that day. I turn to address the kids we have with us.

Me: “Remember, guys: when you get older and you’re wondering if things will get any better, remember things like this.”

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