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When You Click, I Snap

, , , | Right | September 11, 2020

I am heavily pregnant, working my last shift before going on maternity leave, and I am just DONE. I am usually a waitress but due to my condition, I am working front of house, and seated.

This seems to go unnoticed by an entitled woman who so far has complained about anything she can, from my hairstyle, to her meal, which her poor waitress has had to take back twice.

I am organizing some folders when I hear fingers clicking. I look over and it’s the entitled woman, glaring at me, and clicking some more.

Customer: “You there! The pregnant one! Where is my waitress?! We’ve been waiting for over ten minutes!”

As her table is close to me, I witnessed her last complaint.

Me: “She is on her way back with your adjusted meal, ma’am. You made quite a few modifications so it might take longer.”

I go back to my desk, about to speak to some newly-arrived diners, but I hear the clicking again. I turn to her.

Customer: “I wasn’t done with you! Hurry up and get us our drinks! We’re thirsty!”

Me: “Ma’am, I am serving some other customers right now. Your waitress will be out very soon and she will gladly serve your drinks for you.”

I try to turn away but she clicks yet again! I snap. 

Customer: “When I click my fingers, I expect you to come!”

Me: “Ma’am, the only person who can make me come with their fingers is my husband. Please wait for your waitress.”

I turn to the new diners, who don’t comment but definitely heard what I said! They still dined with us and I didn’t receive a complaint from them. I did receive a complaint from the entitled and demanding woman, though.

I have since given birth and am preparing to go back to work. My boss told me the HR rep chalked it up to “pregnancy brain,” before signing my “congrats on the birth of your child” card!

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