When You Can’t Mask The “Bad Day”

, , , , | Right | September 9, 2020

My grandfather died yesterday, and unfortunately, I can’t afford to call out on a time-and-a-half day to mourn. The company I work for has mandated that ALL stores require a mask to shop with us. My state has also mandated this for all stores.

A man and his wife walk into my store, where I am required to inform them they need a mask. He is wearing one. She is not.

Me: “Oh! Sorry, miss, you are required to wear a mask to shop with us today.”

She just keeps walking.

Male Customer: *Stares at me* “Why?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, it’s a state and company mandate to wear a mask. I can—”

Male Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Well, sir, it’s required.”

Male Customer:Why?! Why do I have to?”

It is at this point I roll my eyes, becoming irritated. There is a customer in front of me trying to check out, and a line is forming.

Male Customer: “Don’t you dare roll your eyes!”

He holds up a folded-up walking stick.

Male Customer: “My wife is blind! She is not medically required to wear a mask. Don’t be rude!”

Female Customer: “It’s fine. I’ll put one on.”

She pulls it out of her pocket — meaning she had it the whole time — and puts it on.

Male Customer: “You don’t get to yell at us and command us to do things. You could get in serious trouble. We could sue you for discrimination. She’s blind.”

He continues ranting and raving. The customer in front of me speaks up.

Customer: “Back off. She’s not yelling at you; she’s doing her job.”

I call for a manager because I can feel myself tearing up. When the manager arrives, I run to the back because I’ve begun sobbing.

Male Customer: “I don’t care if she’s ‘had a bad day.'”

Female Customer: “Show some respect.”

They then got yelled at by the customers that were waiting in line, and they proceeded to yell at my manager for ten more minutes about the other customers yelling at them.

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