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When You Can’t Give Them Something To Complain About…

, , , | Right | May 7, 2019

(I get a call from a customer who clearly wants to find something to get angry about. One of my coworkers sits behind me, talking slowly and loudly to another customer on the phone. My customer gets very upset about this.)

Customer: “Who is being so loud?”

Me: “That is one of my coworkers. I apologize about that; we sit rather close and our headsets are very sensitive.”

Customer: “That is no way to talk to a customer. I want you to cut her phone cord and shove the headset down her throat. I demand to talk to a manager.”

(I ended up transferring her to a manager, all while apologizing profusely. It turns out that my coworker, who just so happens to be the nicest person in the whole call center, had a customer who was partially deaf and had difficulty understanding what was being said. Both she and my manager were shocked and thought it was hilarious. At least the customer couldn’t find anything I was doing to get mad about!)

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