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When Women Wrapping Sandwiches Is A Threat To Your Masculinity

, , , , | Right | November 13, 2020

I work at a fairly popular sandwich shop. Recently at lunch, we had a full staff at the cold table and register. There is the bread starter, the meat puller, and the wrapper. The whole time, I stay at the end to wrap the sandwiches and hand them out.

I hand out three sandwiches; two are on French and one is on wheat.

Customer: “There’s supposed to be another on wheat.”

I look at the receipt but remake it anyway. A coworker then comes and chats with them and I overhear.

Customer: “Yeah, she messed up our order.”

The customer looks at me as if I am stupid, emphasizing the “she” in the sentence.

I am the only girl working and I didn’t take their order. They also watched as I wrapped their sandwiches… but sure, blame the woman.

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