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When Will My Reflection Show Bloody Mary?

, | Friendly | July 7, 2015

(My best friend and I are in neighboring dorm rooms. We’re both working on homework in our respective rooms. I like to have the television on while I’m reading for class, and currently have a popular show about hunting down the supernatural playing. Specifically, it is an episode where the characters deal with the myth of Bloody Mary. The characters are about to summon Bloody Mary from a mirror in order to defeat her.)

Television Character: “Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary…”

(I think I hear singing, so pause the show to get a better listen. Sure enough, someone in the dorms is singing the song ‘Reflection’ from the movie ‘Mulan.’ I chuckle at the timing, un-pause the show, and continue reading. After I finish my reading, I message my friend over the computer.)

Me: “Did you hear the singing earlier?”

Friend: “No.”

Me: “Someone was singing Reflection from Mulan.”

Friend: “Oh. Sorry, that was me.”

Me: “I was watching [Show] and they were summoning Bloody Mary when you were singing.”

(On cue, I hear uncontrollable laughter from the other room.)

Me: “…Are you laughing out loud?”

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