When They Use Their Grandkids As Ammo

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I am working at the box office at our theater when an older woman comes up to buy tickets to a popular kids’ movie.

Me: “Unfortunately, earlier in the day the film burned and we are still fixing it, so we won’t be able to play it.”

She looks very angry and storms off. She comes back a couple of minutes later with a very young girl who it turns out is her granddaughter and says:

Customer: “Fine. You can tell her she can’t see the movie on her birthday! That’s all she wanted to do and I promised her we’d see it.”

I try to explain to the woman again that there’s nothing we can do and she just points to her granddaughter. So, I’m forced to explain to the girl as simply as I can:

Me: “The movie caught on fire a little bit and we have to fix it. We can’t play it, honey.”

She is immediately crestfallen and starts to sob. The grandmother looks at me and says:

Customer: “I hope you’re happy.”

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