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When They Try To Shake Up The Menu

, , , | Right | December 28, 2021

Someone orders a “Fruity Pebble shake”, which is not something we do. The customer has misinterpreted a sign that announces a new shake flavor (coffee) and another note at the bottom of the sign which advertises a “Fruity Pebble ice cream sandwich.” The amount of Fruity Pebbles that we have is extremely limited as we only use them for the sandwiches.

After we tell her we cannot make said shake, she tries to argue by saying that the sign advertises one. We seemingly manage to convince her, as she orders everything else, before again attempting to get a Fruity Pebble shake. She finally concedes and proceeds through the drive-thru.

When she reaches the window to pay and get her items, she again requests a Fruity Pebble shake. An employee calmly explains to her that we literally cannot make one, and she requests to speak with a manager.

For a bit of context about the establishment, it isn’t a franchise or anything; there are like two of them, both owned by the same family. Most of the employees a) are in high school, b) recently graduated from high school, or c) are over the age of forty. The older adults, however, only work in the mornings, and she is here during the later shift, meaning the oldest person working is in her early twenties.

When we say we have a supervisor, not a manager, as it is a very small business, she continues to argue until the supervisor gives her the boss/owner’s number. Of course, nothing comes out of it except lines on the sign to separate the advertisements.

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