When They Grab You By The Entitlement

, , , | Right | March 27, 2020

(My girlfriend just got off work and I meet her in the baby clothes section so we can buy clothes for a new baby. Her name tag is off, she’s wearing her purse, and we’re holding hands.)

Me: “I really like the shorts on this outfit. The giraffe on the shirt is lame, but these shorts rock.”

(A woman shopping next to us looks at the outfit I’m holding as I hand it to my girlfriend.)

Girlfriend: “Oooh, these are adorable.”

Me: “Aren’t they?”

Customer: “Let me see that.”

(She grabs the outfit from my girlfriend’s hands.)

Customer: “Oh, yeah, they are cute. I think I changed my mind. Thank you for finding this for me.”

(As I looked at her with a face of contempt, she started to walk away. I went to say that we’d been looking at those, but my girlfriends stopped me to avoid getting in trouble with her work.)

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