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When There’s No One You Can Call

, , , , , | Right | July 30, 2020

I am sitting outside my vet’s office waiting for my cat to come back. To cut down on contact due to social distancing, the vet has decided that we should call to say we’re here and they send someone out to collect your animal. This is outlined when they call to verify your appointment the day before, when the email is sent out two days before, and when you make the appointment.

A man parks his truck at the far side of the parking lot, three rows from the door, and gets out of his car. I guess what he is about to do, but before I can say anything, a woman in another car speaks up.

Woman: “You gotta call; they won’t let you in.”

Man: *Scowling* “F*** you! I have an appointment.”

Woman: “So do we! You gotta call!”

The man gives her the finger and walks his dog to the door. He pulls the handle but it doesn’t budge. He looks right at the sign that says, “STOP. STAFF ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT. PLEASE CALL [PHONE NUMBER],” and knocks again. The man tries to look in the door, pulls again, and starts pounding on the glass. A tech comes to the door and unlocks it. The man tries to open the door but she pulls it shut and locks it again.

Man: “Let me in!”

Tech: “I’m sorry, sir. You’ll have to go back to your car. We aren’t allowing people in the building.”

Man: “Bulls***! Open up!”

He hits the glass right by her face.

Tech: “You can go back to your car or we can call the police.”

Man: “F*** you!”

He pulls the door again.

Tech: “Goodbye, sir.”

I heard the other woman laughing in her car as the man stalked back to his truck. He got back in and peeled out of the parking lot in record time.