When There Is More Than One Phone Number In The Whole World…

, , | Right | March 9, 2020

(This takes place during a transaction while I am either searching for a customer card or signing them up for a new one. There are two young ladies at the till.)

Me: “Thank you! What phone number will that be under?”

([Customer #1] looks very offended, glares at me, and speaks as if I was being deliberately stupid, with an implied “DUH?” at the end.)

Customer #1: “Umm, my CELL PHONE?”

(Stunned, I simply look at her for a few seconds, and when no number is stated, I look at her companion. [Customer #2] looks horribly embarrassed and steps forward.)

Customer #2: “Her number is [number].”

([Customer #1] looks at her companion but seems confused as to why the number is being said, and I complete the transaction as politely as I can while the first customer continues to glare at me.)

Me: “Have a nice day.”

Customer #2: “Sorry about that. You, too.”

Customer #1: “…?”

(The first customer seemed shocked by her friend’s statement as they walked away. To this day, I have no idea how I was supposed to know her phone number, or how she failed to clue in that I wouldn’t when her friend stepped in.)

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