When The Prompt Isn’t

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(I’m buying a gift card for a popular online retailer at a local grocery store along with some basic foodstuffs. The cashier does the brief “These cards are used for scams, etc.” explainer, and then this occurs when I try to pay.)

Cashier: “And how are you paying?”

Me: “Debit, please.”

Cashier: “Okay, go ahead, but you can’t tap your card, because of the gift card.”

Me: “Okay, fine.”

(I wait for the machine to prompt for my card.)

Cashier: “You can’t tap, because of the gift card. You have to insert your card.”

Me: “Yeah, I got it.”

(I continue to wait for the machine prompt.)

Cashier: “Sir, you can’t tap; you have to insert the card, because you’re—”

Me: *cracking* “Lady, do you see the name and logo on my coat? [Company] Payment Systems. The company who builds and programs the card readers here. I know the process; I’m waiting for you to finally push the option for debit so I can put my card in like the machine will prompt me to!”

(The cashier finally selected debit. I get that customers don’t always listen to directions, but don’t sit there doing nothing because you don’t think they heard or understood you.)

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