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When The Prices Are Midsomer Murder

, , , , | Right | November 5, 2020

I work in the only corner shop in a quaint little English village. We sell just about everything, but because it’s ten miles to the nearest town, our prices for normal groceries are much higher than usual.

After about a year, I get to know the regulars and locals, and after a while, I notice that a friend of my late grandma always buys all of her groceries at my shop, spending about £80 for about £20 worth of food. I feel guilty. I’ve known this woman since I was very young, so one day I go over to her house and offer to drive her to the local supermarket to do her shopping on my day off. I also tell her that I’ll help her carry it, etc. That way, she doesn’t need to spend so much money on groceries.

It’s worth mentioning that this elderly woman is in full possession of all of her faculties, but her only issue is that she can’t drive.

My grandma’s friend declines my offer with little explanation. I don’t think much of it. Some people are proud or don’t want to be a bother, etc., so I let it go.

Until I get to work the next week.

The woman tells the owner of the shop that I was moaning to customers about the price of his groceries and offering to run “everyone” to town. I explain what happened, but as she is a long-time customer and a “pillar of the community,” I am promptly let go.

A few years later, a local supermarket opens a much cheaper shop on the same high street and the corner shop quickly goes under and is converted into flats.

I wasn’t upset to hear this.

Question of the Week

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