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When The Owner Takes Only Their Payment, Not Their Crap

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I work at a VERY small deli, and I am the only employee other than the owner. I am running the register and cleaning tables while the owner is making the food. A customer enters.

Customer: “I want a ham and cheddar cheese on white, with every vegetable you got, and mustard.”

Owner: “Gladly!”

She quickly and efficiently makes the sandwich exactly as the customer requested. He pays, finds a table, and stuffs the whole sandwich down his piehole in about forty seconds.

Customer: “That was disgusting! I want a refund!”

Owner: “Door’s to your left.”

Customer: “I said I want a refund!”

Owner: “Door’s to your left.”

Customer: “I want a refund right now!

Owner: “I want to be a billionaire. Door’s to your left.”

Customer: “I know the—”

Owner: “You do not. Door’s to your left.”

The customer, realizing he wasn’t going to get his way, turned to his left, gave the door a kick on the way out, and never returned.

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