When The Class Lets It Go, The Class Gets Going

| UK | Learning | December 31, 2014

(It is the last lesson of the day on the last day of term. My French teacher hands us some sheets of paper covered in lyrics.)

Teacher: “All right, I want you to go through these and highlight all of the verbs you find in the future tense.”

(Most of the class is bored of working, as this is our second French lesson in the day, but we work quietly until one student starts squealing excitedly.)

Student #1: “Oh! I know what this song is!”

Student #2: *looks carefully at the paper* “Oh, my god! I do, too!”

(I look at my sheet, but I can’t understand much of it as it is in French. A few minutes later, the teacher starts playing a song on her computer and the entire class’s nearly dies of excitement.)

Half The Class: “It’s from FROZEN!”

Me: “What?”

Student #3: “It’s [very popular song from the movie ‘Frozen’]!

(It was! By the end of the lesson, the entire class was singing along to the French version of the song. It was a great way to end the term!)

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